Watch Richard King, producer at King Creatives, share practical tips to help your talent look great on video.


Richard: If you’re in marketing and communications, sometimes you’re going to have to work with on-screen talent that don’t present so well on video.

In this video, I’m going to give you five tips that you can use to improve the presentations of those people.

Tip number one, make sure they prepare before the video shoot. Send your list of interview questions or script to the on-screen talent at least one week before the filming date. Thorough preparation remedies nervousness.

Tip number two, make sure the talent stays still. It’s actually quite distracting when the on-screen talent rocks and sways side to side on video. If they can stay still, they will look authoritative, confident, and generally easy watch on video.

Tip number three, maintain eyeline. If it’s an interview style video make sure that the talent looks at you throughout their responses to your questions, and if it’s a scripted piece to camera, where they’re speaking down the barrel, kind of like what I’m doing now, keep an eye out on their eye line, make sure that they’re looking at the lens the whole time.

Tip number four, suggest tongue twisters. I know this sounds like an odd one but professional actors and TV presenters do this all the time, and the reason why is the mouth is a muscle and benefits from being warmed up prior to speaking extensively on video.

Tip number five, remind them who the target audience is. Sometimes people will really struggle to get their answer out and if that’s the case get them to pause, reflect on who their target audience is and why what they’re saying matters to that target audience and generally speaking, the words will flow out following that reflection.