Watch Richard King, producer at King Creatives, explain our values and approach to video production.


Richard: King Creatives is a video production company. We produce videos and explainer animations for purpose-driven organisations and the government sector.

I’m often asked “why does King Creatives work with these sectors?” and reason why is the team and I firmly believe that effective communications is a key driver of positive change for customers and communities.

For me personally, it’s really satisfying to produce work that achieves our clients’ business objectives, whether that’s to increase enrollment within programs and initiatives, or to drive awareness and engagement with important information, all of which makes a positive impact.

While creating high-quality videos with good production values is important to us, we really make sure that the content we produce is optimised to achieve our clients’ business objectives, and therefore achieve results.

The way that we do this principally is at the beginning of every project, committing to really deeply understanding our clients’ projects.

What this allows us to do is to suggest a bespoke creative approach, which will engage that target audience.

Once a project starts, excellent project management is a priority for us, because it means that milestones and creative materials are delivered within agreed timelines, and regular communication is maintained throughout the course of a project.

I am attached to every project as a producer and I coordinate and work with a team of experienced copywriters, animators, cinematographers, and editors. We all work together with the common goal of producing excellent work for our clients.

If you’re in marketing, communications or in a project team and you’re thinking of getting videos made, feel free to get in touch with me and I’d be happy to speak to you further.